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Shinkansen by Natures-Studio

I thoroughly enjoy trains, and I am pleased that this one has been captured to such a professional standard. However, I notice that thi...


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Red Lightning
S4E7: Malice in Wonderland Pt. 2: Grievous Bodily Harm

Deep above the earth, inside the moon, sat the Council of Deities, a collection of, well, deities who had put a lot of time and effort into Planet Earth, & didn't take too kindly to superpowers turning up on their creation.

"Well, this is an unexpected development." Seth, God of All Creation, said as he drummed his fingers against the table.

"Yeah, who could've seen superpowers coming, I mean really." Hodge Podge, God of Change & Exchange said.

"Great, new ways to laugh at me." Death, Herald of Wayward Souls grumbled, rubbing his temples.

"I still say we destroy the wretched world. What use are pitiful humans to me?" Satobia, the Red Legend, growled.

"Now that is a policy I feel I can really get behind."

Every god and Demi-God in the room turned there heads, to see Vaughn sitting at the end of the table.

"Who are you?" Seth demanded.

"The Names Vaughn, Vaughn Carpenter." Vaughn chuckled.

The name was met by fear in some gods and disgust in others. His great evil sent Dimita, the Yellow Legend, into a fury. She stood up and waved her cat-o-nine tails at him.

"Filthy, disgusting mongrel, I'll…"


Vaughn finger extended into a spear, piercing Dimita's head, breaking her body and causing her spirit to fall to earth.

"Boom! Headshot!" Vaughn giggled in delight.

"Filthy dog!" Satobia shouted brandishing his axe. "I'll smite you were you stand."

Satobia ran at Vaughn, who extended his arm and swiped the red god across the neck, killing his body and causing his spirit to fall to earth.

Vaughn was suddenly at the business end of a scythe.

"Go ahead, punk!" Death said, his scythe glowing red hot. "Make my day!"

Vaughn chuckled. "I've always been a fan of yours, Reaper. The way you can drive even the strongest of people into doing horrible, horrible things, just at the mere mention of your name!" He growled as he grabbed the red hot scythe, and snatched it away from Death, before impaling Death's chest with the pole.

Vaughn was now armed with Death's Scythe.

Before anyone could stop him, he sliced each and every god on various places. Each god fell to earth, and with his slaughter complete, Vaughn threw the scythe over his shoulder, opened a portal, and returned to earth.

Kimberly was having a difficult year. First and foremost was her power. People could now fly, shoot lightning or turn invisible.

She could turn any food she touched into cake, whether she wanted to or not.

Now, this was a serious problem. It had been fun for the first hour. Now she was already putting on weight, but she had begun to fear for her dental health, and not mention that her enforced diet would surely bring other complications, like Diabetes.

However, ignoring that, her main concern was her best friend. Real Vaughn Carpenter.

Looking back now, his parents must've had incredible foresight to make his legal first name Real, because almost a year ago, there was a storm.

Something happened. Vaughny's shadow, came to life.

At first Kimberly was quite enamoured with the shadow. It was brash, fun-loving and mischievous. All the qualities she loved in Real Vaughn.

But then, things turned sour. The shadow had a sadistic streak as long as the Nile. He had no remorse, no empathy, compassion or restraint. He brutally murdered people either on whim or just because somebody looked at him funny.

Now, the reason Vaughny didn't notice that his shadow was walking off on it's own and killing people was that he was conveniently, oh so conveniently, blind.

"Hey Kim?" Real Vaughn called out, distracting her from her thoughts. Kim turned and saw him fumbling around, obviously in an attempt to find something.

"Yeah Vaughny?" Kim responded, walking quickly towards her blind friend. "What's the matter?"

"I can't find my cane, and we're supposed to meet Mike & Sonika in a few minutes, right?"

"You're stick is right here Vaughn." Kim said as she passed Vaughn's cane back to him.

There was a knock at Vaughn's front door.

"You go see who it is. I can't." Vaughn smirked, pointing to his circular black glasses.

That was Vaughn, always waving his disability in front of other people to get what he wanted.

Kim went to the door while Vaughn made his way to the living room, to try and find his shoes.

Opening the door, Real Vaughn and Kim's good friends Mike and Sonika stood in the doorway, looking panicked.

"We need to talk!" Mike said.

"It's Shadow of Vaughn's. He is the crazies!" Sonika stressed.

"Look, at first we could handle it. Watch Real Vaughn, abduct an unsupervised Super-Psycho, dispose of a body…" Mike trailed off, before breathing inwards through his scarf. "But now Vaughn's Shadow says he's gonna exterminate the entire country."

Kim was briefly taken aback. Exterminate the Country. Ludicrous. But, as she had feared, Vaughn's shadow was getting more and more powerful by the day.

"Do we tell Real Vaughn?" Kim asked.

"Vaughn's Shadow would tear us to bits." Mike warned sternly.

"Buts," Sonika said solemnly. "We is Vaughn's friends."

Conner was dying. He could feel it.

Having no need for oxygen, he wasn't drowning, nor was he bleeding out.

But, suspended underneath the cold, dark water, Conner could feel himself dying. His already broken body was being crushed by the pressure, and water was filling every wound.

The music, there very essence of his power and being, was dying. For the first time in his life since the storm, there was silence.

He senses slowly abandoned him, soon leaving him only his sight. He noticed something in the water, coming closer and closer. Conner knew this oncoming object was benevolent, to protect and rescue him. It was an angel.

"Mum?" Conner whispered as he fell unconscious and the object grabbed him and began to swim upwards.



Conner R. Blanes
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm an aspiring graphic novelist from Essex, y'know, the knifey parts. I have so far made one graphic novel that is still awaiting publication.

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